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Safety Support

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We’re First Option, and we are the largest, most experienced safety consultants to the media and entertainment industry. Our safety support, training and equipment enables our clients to achieve their creative goals, safe in the knowledge they are protected from risks at work.


To become the go-to safety consultants in the media and entertainment industry.


To keep people in the media and entertainment industry safe.


Safety First
We safeguard people, we don’t compromise that for anything

Make it happen
We help get things done, not get in the way

Set high standards
We aim for excellence in everything we do

Do it right
We are trusted and treat everyone with decency and respect

Better together
We work as a team, supporting clients, colleagues and partners


The quality and value of our information
We have compiled and distilled the best information concerning safety, in the contexts in which it is relevant to our clients. This is information which saves lives. We are constantly reviewing, researching and extending our knowledge base, and sharing it with the industry.

The size and reach of our network
We have an unparalleled network of contacts across and within the media and entertainment industries. We know who to talk to. It also helps us to understand the whole spectrum of safety needs the industry has.

The opportunity to hear the voices of the industry
We provide a focus for the industry to talk about safety, to access others’ knowledge, and to share their own experience. In this way, we are helping to build up an important resource which will help to keep media and entertainment professionals safe.

Our passion and dedication
Keeping people safe is not a job: it’s a vocation. And we have boundless energy and enthusiasm for it. It means we are always willing to go the extra mile, to put in whatever is needed.

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