Deadly Snakehead

Deadly Snakehead

Man almost dies after being bitten by severed snake head

A man from Texas almost died after being bitten by the head of a rattlesnake he had just decapitated. After spotting the snake in his garden and beheading it with his shovel, he picked up the snake’s head to dispose of the remains – only to be bitten.

His wife Jennifer Sutcliffe was initially told by doctors he might not survive the large dose of venom the snake’s head delivered into his hand, but after 26 doses of anti-venom, he is expected to recover.

The head of a snake can continue to function for a time even after being separated from the body, and the venom glands are still able to produce venom during this time. Precisely for how long a snake’s head can continue functioning is unknown.

If confronted by a snake, experts warn against beheading the animal. Instead, it is recommended that you leave the area and call in an expert to remove it safely.

Zoe Compton