Crew Thought Tom Cruise Died During Mission: Impossible Stunt

In interviews recorded for the recent Blu-Ray release of action thriller Mission: Impossible - Fallout, the film's cast and crew describe the moment they believed actor Tom Cruise had died during the filming of a stunt.

Dangling from a moving helicopter during the filming on the finale, Cruise dropped on to the chopper's cargo.

"I heard myself scream. I actually thought he fell," said Rebecca Ferguson, who plays Ilsa Faust in the film.

Second-unit director Wade Eastwood added, "They were watching on the monitors and the whole tent went, 'oh, he's probably broken his back'."

Cruise himself commented, "You know it's going to be a big impact. It really knocks the wind out of me."

Cruise previously injured himself while filming scenes for the film in London, leading to a broken leg.