Knife Crime


Knife Crime

Knife crime: how to save a life

This advice is provided by Adrian Baker, one of 1st Option’s Safety Advisers and a qualified UK Paramedic

Knife crime is on the rise around London with an average of two reported incidents every 24 hours.  If you were to find yourself in the vicinity of an attack would you know how to save a life?

These simple steps can help you help someone in need.

Anyone who’s been stabbed needs immediate help. Their life could be at risk. Fortunately, there are things you can do that are actually pretty straightforward:

  • Put pressure on the wound
  • Call 999
  • Keep applying pressure to the wound until an ambulance arrives


What if there is an object in the wound?

If there is an object in the wound, don’t remove it! This is likely to make the bleeding a lot worse. Leave it where it is and apply pressure to the area around it.

The person looks pale, feels cold and is dizzy. What does this mean?

This means there isn’t enough blood flowing through the body. This is a physical response to an injury – shock – and it can be life-threatening.

If you suspect someone is going into shock:

  • Continue to apply pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding
  • Call 999 if you haven’t already
  • Lie them down and lift their feet higher than the rest of their body. This will keep their legs higher than their heart, which helps increase blood flow to their brain and heart
  • Reassure them and wrap them in coats or a blanket to keep them warm


Is there anything else I can do?

The best thing you can do is keep applying pressure to the wound, reassure the victim, and wait for an ambulance to arrive.

For more information on emergency first aid training, get in touch with 1st Option Safety today.

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