Incredibles 2 Seizure Warning

Incredibles 2 Seizure Warning

Cinemas issue epilepsy warning for The Incredibles 2

Cinemas in the U.S have been forced to issue seizure warnings for Pixar’s latest offering, The Incredibles 2, after viewers have expressed worries over scenes showing flashing images in the film.

The Epilepsy Foundation issued a statement also warning viewers of possible seizure triggers within the film, advising viewer caution. “There have been reported instances of viewers experiencing a seizure during the movie,” said the charity. “We appreciate the efforts some theatres have already made to post warning signs for people wanting to see the movie.”

The Incredibles 2, which opens in the UK on the 13th of July, is the long-awaited sequel to The Incredibles, which was first released fourteen years ago in 2004.

After multiple reports on social media about flashing images in scenes, U.S cinemas have begun to give their own warnings to people going to see the film.

“Major shoutout to the Jordan Creek movie theater for posting epilepsy warning signs for Incredibles 2. Thanks for looking out for those of us with epilepsy,” said one Twitter user.

A variety of different triggers can induce epileptic seizures, but flashing or flickering lights and images are a common trigger for many sufferers.

1st Option safety advice will typically focus on assessing and controlling risks and hazards during production, but we can also advise on possible health and safety risks during a film’s post-production process if necessary.

Pixar has yet to comment on the issue.

Zoe Compton