Bruno Mars concert halted

Bruno Mars concert halted

Bruno Mars concert halted by on-stage fire

A Glasgow Green concert held by US Grammy-winning singer Bruno Mars was forced to a halt this month when on-stage pyrotechnics caused a lighting rig to catch fire on-stage. Mars was reportedly only minutes into his performance when a stray firework hit the light, setting it on fire.

After Mars left the stage, the audience was informed that for Health and Safety reasons the show would be temporarily halted while the fire was dealt with.

After eight minutes the fire was successfully extinguished by stage crew, allowing Mars to return to the stage and resume his set.

A spokesperson for DF Concerts commented, “During the Bruno Mars show, there was an incident involving one of the stage lights meaning the show was stopped temporarily.”

The spokesperson continued, “Thanks to the quick thinking of our stage team who assessed the situation, this incident was quickly responded to, allowing the show to continue safely.”

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